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Management Tips forInternal and External Communication

Established in 2000, Randy Blum Consulting, Inc., offers on-site training to mid-level managers, helping to foster the knowledge and skills vital to effective senior management. After identifying individuals with the potential for executive success, Randy Blum Consulting, Inc., provides guidance in such key areas as strategy protocol, communication, and internal management. The firm’s training programs address all levels of corporate communication, highlighting best practices to reach both internal and external audiences.

Online communications resource offers a few strategies for successful corporate communication via social media, focusing on the importance of internal company culture. Involving middle management personnel in your organization’s social media strategy can not only aid the planning process, but help garner support throughout the organization. As employees recognize their managers’ dedication and contributions to the firm’s social media policy, they may be more receptive to new tools and procedures.

It is also crucial to coach all company spokespeople on company communication strategies and protocol, even if they are not directly responsible for social media activities. Because a firm’s social media presence can encompass appearances at trade shows, conferences, and other promotional events, all individuals speaking on behalf of the organization should receive training in communication policy.

Giving employees access to senior leadership through programs such as “Ask the CEO” can also help set a standard for company communication. By building a strong, engaged community within your organization, you can establish guidelines for employee behavior and communication that will carry over into external promotional efforts.


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