About Randy Blum Consulting, Inc.

Randy Blum Consulting, Inc., provides business support to mid-level managers in corporate environments. The firm works on-site to help senior management collectively develop knowledge that increases their effectiveness as leaders. Clients learn a variety of skills, including interpersonal communication, internal politics management, strategy protocol, and professional development. The firm also enriches managers who are equipped to identify, train, and develop talent. Employing specifically identified aptitudes and strengths related to company-wide objectives, Randy Blum Consulting, Inc., motivates mid-level managers with clear directives that create tangible outcomes.

By providing long-term coaching and consulting, Randy Blum Consulting, Inc., acts as a strategic partner for firms who want to invest in the intellectual and interpersonal growth of their teams. The company has experience with C-level executives and works to develop communication strategies for internal audiences, external customers, and influential hubs.

Randy Blum Consulting, Inc., contributes to a variety of charitable initiatives. The firm is integral to the support of new charitable organizations that need support in reaching out to the community. With the firm’s help, organizations are able to develop sound leadership strategies to effectively implement their plans.

As the founder and CEO of the firm, Randy Blum continues to develop his expertise and understanding of corporate management challenges and trends. His extensive experience and relevant knowledge help him guide teams throughout the United States to new levels of business success. When he is not busy working with clients, he is a deacon in his church and participates in a variety of external activities.

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